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 Discovering Who You Are in Christ

By Heather Patterson

In a time when everything has been made simpler, our lives seem more complicated than ever. As women, we carry the responsibilities of many jobs and relationships, but sometimes, we allow those responsibilities to take over. We buy into the lie that what we do is who we are. Before we realize it, we are wearing a mask of an identity other than the one found in Christ. When we have placed our identities in places and people other than Jesus, we are left feeling confused, overwhelmed, and empty. But what if we could see the symptoms of those masks earlier? What if we could find red flags of a misplaced identity before we are broken, and are able to turn back to God to find our identity safely in His love? 

In her book, Heather Patterson shows signs to look for a misplaced identity and gives practical application on how to lay down those masks at the foot of the cross and rest in God's love.